Technology has supported the proliferation of UAVs that have brought many benefits both commercially and militarily. However, this growth is not without its challenges. The RAF, the CAA and Security Services are determined to keep ahead of the technology bow wave.


Your challenge is to explore the nature of any potential threat posed particularly by small UAVs and to conceive and develop pragmatic solutions or countermeasures to these threats.

The solutions should be both practical to produce and economically sensible to deploy. They should be designed to ensure that the UK’s infrastructure remains safe from potential threat.

Your Design Submission

Your design submission should include:

  • Detailed consideration of the potential threats
  • Innovative, potential solution(s)
  • Analysis of the merits and drawbacks of potential solutions
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Remember – any innovation needs to be feasible and cost effective, with a high probability of success.

Design solutions are invited and must be submitted no later than 31 May 2019.


  1. The Schools Aerospace Challenge 2019 is open to all schools, Air Training Corps squadrons and recognised youth organisations in the UK.
  2. The competition is structured for teams of three.
  3. A school, squadron or organisation may enter as many teams as it chooses.
  4. Team members must be aged between 16-18 years of age at some point during July and August 2019 (i.e. they may turn 16 or 19 during this period).
  5. Teams need the endorsement of a senior adult from their organisation.
  6. Entries must be received no later than 31 May 2019.
  7. If two or more teams tie for places at Cranfield, then the team with the earlier registration date will be awarded the place.
  8. The organisers will select the 12 teams to attend Cranfield. Their decision is final.
  9. The teams selected to attend Cranfield will be notified by email and details posted on the website by Wednesday 12th June 2018.
  10. If, after being selected for the Cranfield Summer School, a team finds it cannot field three members (even via substitution), the organisers reserve the right to replace that team with another.
  11. Sponsoring adults may not accompany their teams while at Cranfield although they are most welcome to visit and observe the activities for a day by prior arrangement with the organisers.
  12. A set of Joining Instructions will be sent out to those teams selected to attend Cranfield.
  13. Teams will be expected to meet their own travelling expenses. The course, all activities and full-board accommodation is provided.
  • All entries are to be submitted in electronic format and limited to six sides of A4 size pages
  • The first page is to be used only as a cover sheet, repeating (and so confirming) your team registration details
  • The cover page may carry images if desired
  • The cover page should not be used as a means of increasing the space for the entry content
  • The team can decide the font and format of the five remaining sides of A4
  • Each entry must include at least one image related to the proposed design or ideas
  • The drawing may be to any convenient scale, bearing in mind the A4 size limitation
  • The total entry should be 7 MB or less
  • Acceptable formats are pdf, jpg or any MS Office format
  • The entry should be sent via email to before the due date
  • The subject line of the email should be the Team Name
  • The last date for receipt of entries is 31 May 2019

You will receive an email to confirm your entry has been received. Teams are responsible for contacting the organisers if they do not receive this confirmation before end of business on 1 June 2019.